DAUBNEY HOLTMAY 2016Lincolnshire
Building a home for a young farmer - Rabble were appointed in 2015 by Will Grant to restore and extend his listed farmhouse in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Will is a young farmer and metalworker who wants to grow his business and start a family at Daubney Holt Farm. Our plans anticipate Will's ambitions and bring the farm back to life.
Daubney Holt was grade II listed in 1987 and lies in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Will's lifestyle and brief require the organisation of a civilised and practical relationship with this landscape.

To enthuse both planners and client we proposed a new courtyard between the farmhouse and farmyard. The courtyard is enclosed and arranged by sheds, garden walls and paths which hint at the function, orientation and form of neighbouring farms and hamlets. To establish this new working system of buildings and paths, linked to the surrounding landscape, a set of walls structure the site and shelter the new accommodation.
Our arrangement of outbuildings with their quality of being 'round the back of something' recall a certain English air of damp and moss, brick and leaves - rabbits, ditches and banks cut and aligned by gates and paths - a provincial condition which hints of growth and decay, routine and splendid isolation.

Daubney Holt was granted planning permission and listed building consent in spring 2016. Building work has started and the Rabble site office has been established in a lambing caravan.