Exhibiting an alternative masterplan for Lewes - In August 2014 Lewes Phoenix Rising and Rabble approached Lewes District Council to express their dissatisfaction that the emerging Santon plan failed to make any reference to existing employment and enterprise on the site. Nazeya Hussain (LDC Director of Business Strategy and Development) emailed LPR in August 2014 asking for "provide fully costed and cash flowed details of your proposals. This needs to be in terms of how you intend to fund and deliver a viable scheme in line with Policy SP3 from the Joint Core Strategy [...]. We recognise that this is likely to require you to spend some of your resources, but I'm afraid that is the nature of development and I can assure you, whilst we cannot offer any guarantees, we are always happy to listen to what your proposals entail."
In response LPR organised a Localism Roadshow in 2014 and 2015. The Localism Roadshow was a travelling exhibition designed to influence public opinion and planning policy. The Roadshows exhibited the LPR masterplan, designed by Rabble and Alan Thompson, which demonstrated a viable 414 homes scheme with a refurbished Phoneix Ironworks at the centre. This plan exposed the existing activities of studios, small business, social enterprises and charities in the Phoenix Estate and illustrated a strategy to retain the ironworks with community owned housing, workspaces, gardens and venues.

The Localism Roadshow travelled to six community centres in Lewes over one week in December 2014 and September 2015. Approximately 1400 people attended, and the events were broadcast by BBC One South East Today on New Year's Day 2015 and published by Jay Merrick in the Independent.